2022 / 2021 Twinning Activities

Twinning activities in 2021 were still very much curtailed by the corona virus pandemic, this however meant more online talks and virtual links being made. Many activities with Göttingen to celebrate 70 years of twinning had to be cancelled, but the online Cheltenham – Göttingen Photography competition to celebrate ‘My Town’ was very successful.

Twinning events in 2022 on a face-to-face basis started to pick up and the year started with the hosting of the Sochi International Film Awards in the UK. The year continued with visits of a group from Stampersgat to mark the 50th anniversary of the link; a delegation from Göttingen to honour the 70th anniversary; a citizens’ group visit to Annecy, a visit from the Deputy Governor of Kisumu and a photographic competition with Weihai to mark 35 years of friendship.

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