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Cheltenham was at the forefront of the twinning movement from its beginning. In 1951 it forged one of the first formal twinning links with its partner town in Germany. It now has twinning links with Göttingen in Germany, Annecy in France, Sochi in Russia, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania in the USA and Weihai in China. It also supports friendship links with Stampersgat in The Netherlands and Kisumu in Kenya.

In 1988, Cheltenham was awarded the European Flag of Honour for its achievements in promoting international friendship.

Cheltenham's Imperial Gardens

Cheltenham Twinning Association is an independent group, supported by Cheltenham Borough Council, that works to:

  • promote and foster friendship and understanding between the people of Cheltenham and the people of its partner towns
  • encourage visits by individuals and groups of all ages, to and from its partner towns and to broaden the mutual understanding of the cultural, recreational, educational and commercial activities between the partners towns
  • promote and support the Council’s priorities and local partnerships through the sharing of ideas and exchange of best practice to create a great future for Cheltenham and its’ partner towns
View of Cheltenham Twinning Signpost

The association organises regular exchange visits and helps enable individuals, schools, community groups and businesses to make contacts in Cheltenham’s twin and partner towns. Members include schools, sporting and other associations, companies and individuals. Since its formation in 2003, it has gained a large friendship following and is always welcoming new people to become involved with twinning events and activities.

The association’s executive committee are:

Cllr Diggory Seacome,  Chairman
Cllr Angie Boyes, Co-Vice Chair
Carol Stephens, Co-Vice Chair
Cllr Garth Barnes
Alexis Cassin
Dominique Leonard
Cllr Iain Dobie
William Lewis
Annette Wight, Secretary

The executive committee meets every 6-8 weeks and organises meetings and social events for the Association approximately 3 times a year, plus the Annual General Meeting.

If you’d like to become a friend and receive information, contact the Cheltenham Twinning Officer at twinning@cheltenham.gov.uk

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