Rencontres Europeennes

Five girls aged 14 and 15 attended the Rencontres Europeennes in Annecy from 31 July to 15 August participating in the European camp for young people from each of Annecy’s twin towns.  This multi European event allows the young people to develop their knowledge of French and take part in a range of sporting and creative activitiesContinue reading “Rencontres Europeennes”

Fete du Lac in Annecy

The Mayor and Mayoress, together with the Deputy Chief Executive and Twinning Officer, attended the Fete du Lac in Annecy over the weekend 1-4 August.  Despite torrential rain, the firework display was impressive and there was much opportunity over the weekend to discuss future twinning events, make contacts and network with both the Annecy twinningContinue reading “Fete du Lac in Annecy”

Annecy and Weihai students at summer school in Cheltenham

Cheltenham welcomed 48 pupils and 4 leaders from Annecy from 6-27 July who were attending the international summer school at Gloucestershire College for three weeks and stayed with local families, as well as 34 pupils and 3 leaders from Weihai, also at GlosCol’s summer school for two weeks from 13-27 July.  Both groups were welcomed by theContinue reading “Annecy and Weihai students at summer school in Cheltenham”