Rencontres Europeennes

Five girls aged 14 and 15 attended the Rencontres Europeennes in Annecy from 31 July to 15 August participating in the European camp for young people from each of Annecy’s twin towns.  This multi European event allows the young people to develop their knowledge of French and take part in a range of sporting and creative activities alongside their peers from other countries.

Some feedback comments included:-

“Hannah really had a great time and she has come back with lots of friends across Europe and a great enthusiasm for all things European. So a great result.”

“Cosima had a really great time in Annecy! She thoroughly enjoyed her time there, the adventures and new experiences, meeting other youngsters from other EU countries and the beautiful setting of the mountains and the lake. She told us for days on end about the lessons, outings, the instructors and we loved to see the summary booklet that was kindly put together and provided. Finally she wished they had more time since the last few days were the best ones.”

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