70 Years of Cheltenham and Göttingen


To mark the 70th anniversary of the twinning link between Cheltenham and Göttingen, a joint project between the Local History Societies of both towns has been undertaken and a presentation of photos has been put together that clearly shows the changes that have happened in the townscape of Cheltenham and Göttingen during the past 70 years of the partnership.

Below are the links to the two presentations which can also be viewed on the websites of Göttingen Local History Society and Cheltenham Local History Society.

The partnership between the cities of Cheltenham and Göttingen has existed since 1951. This year, numerous face-to-face events were planned to mark the anniversary. As in previous years, there would have been many opportunities for the citizens of both cities to make face to face contact and friendships or to continue to develop existing connections. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, these encounters have not been feasible. Both Cheltenham and Göttingen greatly regret this, but this has lead to various projects such as this one being done in an online format.

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