Cheltenham for Europe Online Talk – 22 September – Friedland Welcomes Refugees

Following on from the joint Europe Day Celebrations with our twin towns of Annecy and Gottingen, C4E is delighted to present a talk about the Refugee Transit Camp in Friedland, 12 miles from Gottingen. The talk will be given by Klaus Magnus of the Museum of Friedland who will provide an overview of the creation of the transit camp, the refugees who have been processed here, its importance to  Germany’s humanitarian programme and the impact over the years on the local population. This is a fascinating insight into how refugees are welcomed into a foreign country.  

Founded in 1945, Friedland Transit Camp has processed over 4 million people arriving in the Federal Republic of Germany. The transit camp near Gottingen has been a reception centre for refugees and expellees after the Second World War, for released prisoners (PoWs) and displaced persons (DPs), for ethnic German immigrants and for people seeking refuge from many parts of the world. Today it is the initial reception centre for ethnic German and Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union as well as asylum seekers and refugees under resettlement and humanitarian intake programmes.

We look forward to welcoming you to hear this incredible story.

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