Visit to Annecy

This visit has now been postponed to October 2022 – details will be published later in 2021.

Cheltenham Twinning Association is organising a visit to its French twin town of Annecy, for local residents and people interested in twinning.  The trip will take place from 7-14 October 2020 to coincide with the ‘Retour des Alpages’ – a traditional event in Annecy when the animals return to the lower pastures and parade through the old town.  In Annecy accommodation has been booked at a central hotel to take advantage of the pedestrianised old town with its many restaurants and the nearby lake.   It is also hoped to be able to arrange some homestays with local people for those who would prefer this option.   The package includes an overnight stay in the historical town of Ypres on the way out and in the beautiful town of Bruges on the way back.

More information about this exciting visit can be seen here.  Please register your interest as soon as possible to the Twinning Officer and complete and return the  booking form with the deposit by the end of March.

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