Joint WW1 Exhibition in Göttingen

From 5-27 November, an exhibition was  held in Göttingen’s Town Hall commemorating the outbreak of the first world war.  Photographs supplied by the camera clubs of both towns of WW1 monuments and memorials in Cheltenham and Götttingen, together with many British artefacts and newspaper cuttings were on display, providing an interesting perspective of the war from both sides.

WW1 Exhibition The British artefacts were sourced and supplied by Melissa Webb who earlier this year staged a WW1 exhibition at the Maxima Forum Centre in Lansdown Road.  We are very grateful to Melissa for her co-operation with this project.  Melissa drove over to Göttingen to see the end of the exhibition and bring back her goodies!!  She was kindly being hosted by a Göttingen family and had time to visit the Göttingen Christmas market and try some Gluhwein!

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