Cheltenham Schools WW1 Showcase

PoppiesIn Cheltenham on 20 November, the Everyman Theatre commemorated world war one in Gloucestershire through working in partnership with local primary schools.  An evening show casing dance, drama, poetry and singing from the pupils of various schools was organised as well as a display of a variety of art and crafts all relating to WW1.  Annecy and Göttingen had been invited to Annecy artwork

participate in this showcase and 40 pieces of art work from the Carnot primary school in Annecy had been sent to Cheltenham for display, and a video extract from a play that the senior school, Geschwister Gesamt school in Göttingen had produced on life during war time, was also shown.   It was a well attended event and the children had obviously enjoyed working on this topic and producing some excellent work.


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