Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra in Annecy

Orchestra performing at the Notre Dame Church Annecy

The Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra performed 3 concerts in the Annecy region during the week 31 July to 6 August.  The Mayor of Cheltenham and 3 other members of the Cheltenham delegation visiting Annecy for the Fete du Lac were privileged to be present at their third concert in Annecy at the Notre Dame Church.  The concert was superb – the church was packed and the orchestra made the four of us from Cheltenham very proud to be from Gloucestershire.

 Delegations from Annecy’s other twin towns were also present at the concert and so impressed were the delegation from Bayreuth, Germany (home of Wagner) that they would like to invite the GYO to take part in a young musicians festival there next year.

 The 45 members of GYO finished their memorable week by seeing the fantastic firework display atAnnecy’s fete du lac.

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