60th Anniversary visit to Göttingen

The 60th anniversary visit to Göttingen from 29 July to 5 August was a great success and enjoyed by over 110 people.  The programme, organisation and hospitality received in Göttingen was all of its usual high standard, host families were very generous and welcoming and many new friends were made.

Twinning group on visit to Hann Munden

Officers of the council worked alongside their colleagues for a couple of days gaining an insight into Göttingen’s parking, transport and urban development programmes as well as visiting their biogas plant and discussing waste management.  The exchange of young apprentices between the two towns based on funding from an EU programme was also discussed and positively agreed upon, as well as discussions on forthcoming twinning events for 2012, including Göttingen’s participation in the Olympic Torch relay stopover inCheltenham.

The Cheltenham art club took over some 30 paintings and had a successful exhibition with the Göttingen Art club, which was opened by the mayors of the towns and Councillor Garth Barnes was honoured with the Göttingen Medal of Honour for his services to the partnership for over 35 years and was awarded his medal during welcome reception.

Some comments have been posted on the German Club website – see link below – and more pictures and comments will be published very shortly on the soon to be launched new twinning association website.


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