Visit to Sochi to mark 60 years of twinning

To mark 60 years of twinning with the city of Sochi in Russia, three members of Cheltenham Twinning Association were invited to visit the Black Sea resort in November to  strengthen relationships between the two “sister cities”. Whilst in Sochi, the group attended the 4th Sochi International Film Festival Awards and the closing ceremony andContinue reading “Visit to Sochi to mark 60 years of twinning”

Twinning Chairmanship Relinquished after 15 years

At the Annual German Meeting of the Cheltenham Twinning Association on 23 November 2017, Cllr Garth Barnes stepped down as Chairman of Twinning after 15 years.   He was presented with a picture as a token of appreciation for his devoted hard work and support over so many years.  Garth has been involved with twinning for over 40 yearsContinue reading “Twinning Chairmanship Relinquished after 15 years”

Top Twinning

Over 420 Cheltenham people have taken part in visits and exchanges during 2017 and this figure doesn’t include all the host families, members of local clubs and societies, Twinning Association members, local companies, volunteers and helpers who are all involved in some way or other to make it so successful.  Please see the summary ofContinue reading “Top Twinning”

Winter Olympics here we come!

Local residents Stephen Meyer and his son Alex are off to Sochi shortly for the Winter Olympics.  The pair will be supporting the GB bob sleigh team and are very much looking forward to seeing Cheltenham’s Russian twin town.    A celebratory send-off with members of the Cheltenham Twinning Association was held in the Mayor’s ParlourContinue reading “Winter Olympics here we come!”

Twinners flocked to see Olympic Torch celebrations

Over 75 twinning visitors from our five twin towns came to Cheltenham to join in celebrating the Olympic torch coming to Cheltenham. The delegation included 20 officials from across our 5 twin towns and 13 members of the Lubo dance ensemble from Sochi, Russia. Other visitors here for the torch relay on 23 May included 32 guestsContinue reading “Twinners flocked to see Olympic Torch celebrations”

Twins invited to Olympic Torch Stopover

An invitation has been sent to our 5 twin and 2 friendship towns inviting them to come to Cheltenham to take part in the celebrations on Wednesday 23 May when the Olympic torch will come to town. Visitors will be taken to the racecourse to see the staged show and arrival of the Olympic flame.Continue reading “Twins invited to Olympic Torch Stopover”