Off to Sochi

On Tuesday 14 November 2017, the Mayor of Cheltenham, cllr Klara Sudbury, handed a letter of greetings destined for the Mayor of Sochi to Mark Smyth and Michael Lazarev as they embarked on a 3,200 mile road trip to Cheltenham’s twin town of Sochi, Russia.  The two men, Mark from Gloucestershire and Michael from Sochi, left Cheltenham with a letter for the Mayor of Sochi expressing our wish to continue co-operation between the two towns.  The purpose of their journey is to gather and test data collected on their on-board micro-computer device in urban and rural environments where broadband signals may be poor.  The journey will also raise awareness of the link with Sochi and rekindle exchanges and dialogues between the two towns.  The journey will finish towards the end of the month in Sochi Autodrom where the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix is held.

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