Weihai students

On 17 July 38 students and 2 leaders from Weihai arrived in Cheltenham for 2 weeks, to attend Gloucestershire college’s international summer school.  They took part in English lessons, sporting and sightseeing activities and stayed with local families.  A Mayor’s reception was held for them on Wednesday 20 July at 3.30 pm in the Council Chamber.

Visit to Annecy Film Festival and Working Meeting

The Chairman and Twinning Officer have just returned from a brief 2 day visit to Annecy where current and future twinning activities were discussed and planned.  There is a busy flow of exchanges this summer between the 2 towns, with many Annecy students coming to Cheltenham and 2 groups of young musicians going to Annecy,Continue reading “Visit to Annecy Film Festival and Working Meeting”