Exciting projects with Annecy for 2013

As a result of the working meeting held with Annecy colleagues at the end of October, various projects are all in the pipeline:

The University of Gloucestershire’s faculty of media, arts and technology are looking at forging a link with Annecy’s international animated film festival with a view to students on the university’s animation programme showing their work as part of the student category at the film festival.  The possibility of students assisting at the festival are also being looked at.

National Star College’s director of development is planning a visit to Annecy in February to look at the possibility of  links or a visit for college pupils.

Pittville School is linking with St Michel School in Annecy and planning a visit in March.

Cleeve School 6th formers studying A level French are looking forward to work placements in Annecy’s council departments during the Easter holidays.

Cheltenham Bridge Club has been invited to Annecy for a tournament in May.

Woodmancote Primary School is linking with La Plaine and Les Vaugelas primary schools in Annecy and plan to visit with a small group in May / June.

Cheltenham College is planning a sport based visit to Annecy at the end of June.

Cheltenham Camera club is interested in assisting with a joint photo competition with Annecy, on the theme of ‘My Town’.

The Rencontres Europeennes will be held in Annecy from 1-15 August. This exciting stay in Annecy for 14-17 year olds is a fantastic experience for those wishing to improve their language skills in a fun and friendly way with other European young people.  See more about it on the Annecy website and contact twinning@cheltenham.gov.uk  for further information.

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