Safe water provided for Kisumu schools

A successful fundraising appeal by Cheltenham Twinning Association in conjunction with Cheltenham Rotary Club means two water wells can be rehabilitated in Kisumu, Kenya to provide safe water to two primary schools and their communities. The Chippenham-based WellBoring charity is managing the process including the well installations (

The first well was completed in July 2022 at Kunya Renja Primary School in Kisumu, (total population 581). A second well is set to be rehabilitated at another Kisumu school following the October to December 2022 rainy season.

Pupils fetching water from the rehabilitated well

The Kunya Renja primary school and local community had a well that fell into disrepair in 2018. Since that time, mainly the women and children have had to walk long distances to fetch water from the Nyamasaria stream. This is shared with animals and contains impurities from the local Kibos sugar factory, resulting in water-borne diseases being frequently contracted.

The clean water source at Kunya Renja Primary School will help reduce the water-related stomach diseases rife among pupils, and lead to higher school attendance and performance levels. Hygiene and sanitation standards will also be improved as there will be an abundant source of water for cleaning classrooms. Availability of this water will also help save time during lunch preparations, as cooks will not have to walk all the way to the stream to collect water for cooking.

WellBoring works in partnership with Kisumu school authorities to create a Water Management committee at well locations. At Kunya Renja Primary School, Headteacher, Dominic Awuoth has agreed to head up the committee, to ensure safety, operations and sustainability of the well.

A total of £2,393.75 was raised by Cheltenham Twinning Association via a JustGiving page (£1,940 + £453.75 Gift Aid). The GiftAid is currently in the process of being reclaimed. A further £1,000 was raised by Cheltenham Rotary Club. All monies were donated to the WellBoring Charity.

Cheltenham has had a friendship link with Kisumu since 1985, the third largest city in Kenya. It is hoped connections between Cheltenham and Kisumu can be further developed focusing on the sharing of IT knowledge and expertise.

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