Did you know?

  • The name Kisumu refers to both the city and the district in which it is located.
  • Its name is from the Luo word ‘kisuma’, itself a derivative of ‘sumo’ which means barter trade.
  • It is situated on the banks of Lake Victoria, known locally as Nam Sango or Nam Lolwe.
  • While there are many different food types to be found in Kisumu, it is most commonly associated with fish, which are in plentiful supply from Lake Victoria.
  • The languages spoken in Kisumu include Luo English and Kiswahili with a sizeable number of people speaking Ekegusii, Hindi, Kikuyu and the various Luhya dialects. As is the case all over Kenya, most Kisumu residents speak at least two languages.
  • An inaugural maiden flight from Kisumu to England took place in 1931.
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