Active Twinning – Keeps Going

Angie Boyes, Carol Stephens and Annette Wight of the Cheltenham Twinning Association were delighted to participate in an online Twinning Conference on 25 February 2021 led by Ann Kennard, Chair of the Bristol Hannover Council.

This successful online conference was attended by over 40 representatives of UK twinning associations, and focused on sharing best practices to keep twinning active and forging new ways of working. Discussions on active twinning, engaging young people and use of social media platforms highlighted how twinning associations have become increasingly pro-active in engaging with online technologies to enhance twinning relationships, e.g., running quizzes, offering language lessons, sharing travel stories, etc. In addition, twinning associations have been strengthened  by sharing ideas not only with neighbouring twinning groups, but others further afield.

Bristol Hannover Council has one of the oldest twinnings between Britain and Germany through a link established with Hannover in 1947. Whilst they celebrated their 70th anniversary in 2017, Cheltenham Twinning Association is looking forward to celebrating its 70th anniversary with Göttingen, Germany in summer 2021. Discussions are already taking place with our counterparts in Göttingen. If you would like to contribute any ideas for virtual events, it would be great to hear from you. Please contact

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