Annecy’s Retour des Alpages 2019

The Retour des Alpages (Return from the mountain pastures) took place on 12 October this year and a group from Cheltenham were in Annecy to see this wonderful traditional spectacle.





This vibrant Annecy festival is one of the highlights of the Annecy year attracting many, many thousands of visitors from all over the world! It celebrates rich traditions of music, craftsmanship, Savoyard gastronomy and much more!





A procession of local and international folk groups in traditional costumes including the amazing Gloucestershire Morris Men process through the streets of the old town of Annecy together with geese, cows, St Bernard dogs, donkeys, chickens, horses, goats and sheep. Throughout the day the city comes alive with music and dance performances, opportunities to sample the best of Annecy and Savoyard foods and drinks, and chances to understand more about the local and historical traditions.





If you are interested in finding out more about the annual Retour des Alpages or many of the other festivals, events and touristic activities the beautiful city of Annecy has to offer visit:


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