AGM & Transforming Lives in African Schools

The recent Annual General Meeting of the Cheltenham Twinning Association held at the Municipal Offices presented an opportunity to highlight just some of the many positive twinning events and activities, which have taken place during the past year.

Over 400 people from Cheltenham and its twin towns have actively participated in events organised by the Twinning Association. Some of the benefits for the local community include the opportunities for young people to participate in school exchanges. For example, through student exchanges by Balcarras School, Belmont School and Pates Grammar School and educational visits, such as 37 University of Gloucestershire students attending the annual Annecy Animated Film Festival and 13 Gloucestershire College hospitality students visiting a catering College in Annecy.

We thank all those who have been involved with the many and varied successful activities of the Twinning Association and look forward to another successful year ahead.

An engaging talk at the AGM by Nigel Linacre, a Trustee of WellBoring, highlighted the valuable work of this charitable organisation in providing water solutions across Kenya. Based in schools, the simple water wells encourage better school attendance and performance, improve the health of children and enable food to be grown for school lunches, as well as benefiting the wider local communities.

We are pleased to support WellBoring’s tremendous work in Kisumu, which as the third largest town in Kenya, has been a friendship town of Cheltenham since 1985. For further details please visit

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