60th Anniversary visit to Göttingen

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Cheltenham’s twinning link with Göttingen, over 100 people will be taking part in a visit to the German town between 29 July and 5 August.

Visitors will be welcomed with a reception from the Mayor of Göttingen, Wolfgang Meyer. A full programme of events will include a guided tour through the historical old town of Göttingen, as well as day trips to places of interest and a twinning party.

The visit follows a successful visit of over 200 Göttingen citizens to Cheltenham in 2009 .

The trip will provide visitors with the perfect opportunity to get to know Cheltenham’s German twin town and learn about the German way of life, make new friends and develop cultural links between clubs, societies and various interest groups. The visit will also be a great  opportunity to develop business links and professional contacts.

A display of traditional dancing in Göttingen's town square

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