Annecy and Weihai students at Gloscol

From 7-28 July, a group of 48 Annecy students attended the summer language school at Gloucestershire College and a group of 20 students from Weihai were there from 15-27 July.  The mayor hosted receptions for both groups.  The students all stayed with host families where they gained confidence with their spoken English.  

Twinners flocked to see Olympic Torch celebrations

Over 75 twinning visitors from our five twin towns came to Cheltenham to join in celebrating the Olympic torch coming to Cheltenham. The delegation included 20 officials from across our 5 twin towns and 13 members of the Lubo dance ensemble from Sochi, Russia. Other visitors here for the torch relay on 23 May included 32 guestsContinue reading “Twinners flocked to see Olympic Torch celebrations”

Successful Weihai trip

Fourteen local residents and business leaders had a very successful trip to Weihai, Cheltenham’s Chinese twin town at the beginning of April.   Their aim was to promote Cheltenham from a business and educational point of view. It is hoped the self funded trip will have created excellent business, educational and tourism relationships. The trip included visitsContinue reading “Successful Weihai trip”

Twins invited to Olympic Torch Stopover

An invitation has been sent to our 5 twin and 2 friendship towns inviting them to come to Cheltenham to take part in the celebrations on Wednesday 23 May when the Olympic torch will come to town. Visitors will be taken to the racecourse to see the staged show and arrival of the Olympic flame.Continue reading “Twins invited to Olympic Torch Stopover”

Weihai students

On 17 July 38 students and 2 leaders from Weihai arrived in Cheltenham for 2 weeks, to attend Gloucestershire college’s international summer school.  They took part in English lessons, sporting and sightseeing activities and stayed with local families.  A Mayor’s reception was held for them on Wednesday 20 July at 3.30 pm in the Council Chamber.