Summer Work Placements Annecy / Cheltenham

On Monday 4 July, three students from Cheltenham started work in Annecy for four weeks on the summer work placement scheme organised between the two councils.  Two girls worked with the parks and gardens team and one girl worked in the youth information office.  The students stayed in a hostel along with other young peopleContinue reading “Summer Work Placements Annecy / Cheltenham”

Cheltenham College Junior Choir Visit to Annecy

The picture below shows the 28 children from the Cheltenham College Junior chapel choir, together with parents and leaders, under the direction of the Head of Music at the College, Peter Mills, at their reception at the Hotel de Ville on Tuesday 5 July. They were in Annecy from 4-8 July and performed a concertContinue reading “Cheltenham College Junior Choir Visit to Annecy”